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Black Bottom Biscuits - Bluegrass, Country Music

The Black Bottom Biscuits

Hometown Radio

The Way It Ought to Be

WAGS  radio is independent radio where the innovation is.  We’re not “Hot Country” or any of those other clichés.  This is small town radio like it used to be, like it ought to be.


A Leader in Discovery

WAGS radio believes there is more good music than that played by the radio conglomerates.  We are a leader in discovery of both new and old music playing from CDs, LPs, 45s, and yes even 78s.  We help make that discovery happen for many artists since we are a reporting station to New Music Weekly for the country format, Roots Music Association and the Alt 66 Roots chart for Americana, and Bluegrass Today. [More about WAGS Radio]


Sponsor Hometown Radio

The only way to have a real hometown radio station in Bishopville  is to sponsor it.  Make our listeners your customers.  We have been rated the number one radio group in the combined areas of Lee, Florence, and Darlington after all.